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Knife Over Roll Coating Machine

The Knife over roll coater has been selected when required to put down a considerable and level coating of medium to high consistency onto rough surfaces, for example, materials, fiber glass mats and non woven. A knife over roll coating system is designed to use a knife with a roll or other mechanism to feed the material over a specified substrate for even application. Excess materials are scraped off as the substrate is fed through this system to provide a low cost, uniform covering for various weights or viscosities. It is a common approach as the method is acceptable for numerous substrates and types of coatings.
This procedure depends upon a coating being linked to the substrate which then goes through a "gap" between a "knife" and a bolster roller. Contingent upon the needed affect to the knife is countered by a roller, platen or nothing by any means; in this manner roller knives, platen knives and air knives are recognized. The knife bar of current coating plant is outfitted with a few coating knives and is alterable as per the pistol rule. This encourages a brisk change of the knives, particularly of the roller and the air knife.


  • Heat/Solvent Reactivated
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Barriers
  • Plastisol
  • Latex

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