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Immersion/Dip Coating Machine

Immersion/Dip Coating Machine is the process of coating in which the substrate is dipped into a tank of the coating reservoir, which is normally of a low viscosity to enable the coating to run back into the bath as the substrate emerges. At KERONE, we have over 40 year’s expertise in manufacturing and design various types of immersion/dip coating machineries for the various type of application such as fabric, rubber, metal and other types of coatings applications.
The amount coat on the material will depend on the time and the temperature of the immersed part. The higher the temperature and the more extended the immersion time, the more noteworthy the polymer thickness. Our coating systems can be used to apply a range of coatings, as well as photo-resists and solder masks, that are part of printed circuit board applications — all with a level of precision that manufacturer’s demand.


  • Dip coating gives a defensive shield that opposes consumption.
  • Insulates against warmth, frosty, stress and electrical streams.
  • Adaptable to high volume requests obliging quick conveyance.
  • Alternative hues and completions (reflexive and matt) can be made effortlessly and financially.
  • An extensive variety of thickness, compositions

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